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giving incoming and outgoing traffic to a port priority

I have a router Cisco 2610 IOS 12.3.

I have two totally separate networks connected there through two ethernet ports. I want one port (port A) to have priority in traffic, and the second one (port B) to use up to 1Mbps if the port A is not using the bandwidth. Once port A starts sending traffic port B should use only what port A leaves behind and should give up the bandwidth right away. The important thing is that either for incoming or traffic port A should have priority and by the way port A is a public subnet so the traffic can originate from outside. So even when port B is taking up bandwidth and there is a connection from outside to port A it should give up the bandwidth immediately to port A.

Port B is a NATed network that has traffic coming only from inside - nothing comes from outside (port A has servers - port B has a couple of users that connect from time to time)


Re: giving incoming and outgoing traffic to a port priority

Port priority level can be set in CatOS.

You can configure priority level for each port. When two ports Simultaneously request access to the switching bus,

the switch uses thePriority level to determine the order in which the ports get access.

To set the port priority level, perform this procedure in privileged mode:

Step 1

Configure the priority level for a port.

set port level mod_num/port_num {normal | high}

Step 2

Verify that the port priority level is configured correctly.

show port [mod_num[/port_num]]

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