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Giving the voice higher quality, or bandwidth division or Voice VLAN?

Hi All;

Anyone advise me for a solution to be used for small or medium business to be able to resolve the problem of the voice cutting due to the sharing internet usage (users are doing download and browsing)? Is the quality of the service a solution? But is it a practical solution or applying it causes a problems in the netowrks?

What if we need to use load balancer to do a bandwidth division and dedicate a bandwidth for the voice? Which device to do this, but we do not need expensive solution as the customer is small or medium business.

Also I heared about the Voice VLAN that can be used to resolve this? Is it real? Which devices can support Voice LAN if it this resolve the problem for the  voice to avoid the cutting when other users are doing downloading and browsing?

Any help?



Cisco Employee

Re: Giving the voice higher quality, or bandwidth division or Vo

Hi Bilal,

Applying Quality of Service (QoS) to a particular traffic(say voice), is nothing but giving priority to that traffic over others. With QoS you can dedicate bandwidth for your voice traffic and alter the way the switch processes voice traffic to make voice data get switched more frequently compared to other traffic.

QoS should not cause network issues if you design it properly. 

Voice Vlan performs the first two steps of QoS. Voice Vlan will separate voice traffic with data traffic (classification) and marks voice traffic by COS 5 (marking). This marking can be trusted on the switch to give higher priority to voice traffic.

Detailed information is available at:

Hope this helps.


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Re: Giving the voice higher quality, or bandwidth division or Vo

We are talking about a router and not switch, we are talking about the case that the router is connected to the Internet and there are download and upload data, so the voice will face a cutting because of the congestion at the link.

Is there a voice vlan to be applied at the router? Please note, I am not talking about the Switch.

If there is a QoS to be applied at the router, then the question: Is there a requirement to be done at the ISP side? What if the ISP does not apply the configuration from it side, so what can we do at the router?



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