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GLBP duplicacy ip error

What does it means?



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Re: GLBP duplicacy ip error

Hello Manish,

you haven't provided the exact message sentence.

However, my guess is that two different routers are claiming to be the AVG or AVF for a specific GLBP group.

This can be a sign of a L2 problem that makes one router not able to listen to the other router's messages.

Or there is a question of mismatching authentication that makes the two routers to not consider each other valid neighbors.

if you provide the message it is possible to search in the error message decoder.

Hope to help


Re: GLBP duplicacy ip error

I dont remember the exact error but its shows duplicacy of ip address occurred in the vlan 3 ip This ip is vlan 3 ip of the switch and the VIP is


Re: GLBP duplicacy ip error

%GLBP-4-DUPADDR: Duplicate address

The error message indicates a possible layer2 loop and STP configuration issues.

In order to resolve this issue, issue the show interface command to verify the MAC address of the interface. If the MAC address of the interface is the same as the one reported in the error message, then it indicates that this router is receiving its own hello packets sent. Verify the spanning-tree topology and check if there is any layer2 loop. If the interface MAC address is different from the one reported in the error message, then some other device with a MAC address reports this error message.


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