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GLC-SX-MM Transceiver

I am replacing GLC-SX-MM modules about 5 every week. I have them installed on different platforms mainly Cisco switches C6500, C3560, C3750 and bought them from different Cisco Vendors. By the way they are the Cisco ones.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: GLC-SX-MM Transceiver

Hey Francisco,

Did you notice any similarity between the vendors? The easiest way to do that would be by using the show idprom detail command.

There is a section in the output of this command which tells you what vendor they SFP's are from, whether they are Avago, Cisco-Finisar and so on and so forth.

When you say that they become faulty, what exactly happens? Do they stop passing traffic, do they stop getting detected?



Re: GLC-SX-MM Transceiver


The switches stop detecting the modules.

I will check the vendor using show idprom command.

Any other reason why switches could just stopped detecting?  We always clean the fiber cables before plugging transceivers,

Re: GLC-SX-MM Transceiver


I have checked one of the switches and i see CISCO-METHODE on one of the port and also  CISCO-AVAGO on another port.

Could they be Non-Cisco SFP's with Cisco Tag!

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Re: GLC-SX-MM Transceiver

Hello Francisco,

Cisco does not produce GBIC or SFP on his own, they are produced by other vendors and customized with a specific eeprom.

So first GBIC were made by HP/Agilent and others.

I can say we had similar problems with SFP in one big campus, and our guess was that we had the problem devices from a not very good production set.

To be noted GBIC are bigger and look like more robust they deal the same power in a much bigger space volume so they experience a much lower power density and a lower "burning" probability.

Hope to help


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Re: GLC-SX-MM Transceiver

Replace the SFP every five weeks????  I've never seen things happen like this!  Any error messages from the appliance before the failure?

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