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guest vlan

Hi all, we have merged with another company, they are bringing there laptops to our site and then using vpn to connect to there site, however they still have to be plugged into our lan. Is there a way I can setup so when they plug there pc in the lan, they get a certain ip address on a vlan, and that can only connect to there site using the vpn.

please help



Re: guest vlan

Carl, if you want to have them separated from your regular network vlans you could reserve IPs based on their MAC address of the laptops if you have DHCP thus giving you more visual control of the labtops and their IP addresses. Or you could create a temporary SVI/VLAN for the these labtops only to be under a unique vlan.



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Re: guest vlan

what would we the easiest way, if I create a temp vlan, I will have to put certain puts into it which will be time consuming and difficult as they move around. is there any other solutions other than this ?


Re: guest vlan

There are a couple of ways to do this, the admin way or the quick and dirty way.

Admin way is use static IP's via the MAC address. Have them always grab the same IP or from a pool of IP's in the DHCP server then make sure that their network can only access internet.


Create a VLAN

Set the ports where they sit on that VLAN and only allow access to the internet via that VLAN.

Or better yet, build a VPN tunnel to the other office put their laptop on the domain and you can avoide the admin headache of making changes all the time.

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