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help 1812w router


I have 1812w access router

So he has 2 wan ports 8 switch ports

When I connect my WAN port 0 to the WAN my router has the internet

It is no problem to connect another port 1 to my LAN and LAN has as well Internet

When I plug another PC to the switch port 2 my PC does not have the Internet connection so how to do that my all 8 switch port will have the de same Internet as has router

and all PC Witch one is connected to switch port will have the Internet

as my LN

Thank you


Re: help 1812w router

You have to use PAT on the router to allow your LAN to access the internet. Check the below link for sample config

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Re: help 1812w router


I have readied that publication before

And using the NAT

I need that 8 switch ports on my router will have the same Internet as

May port fa1 inside

So how to do that all 8 switch pots on the same router will se the fa1

Because it do not se and it can?t forward the packets from fa1 to

my 8 switch ports an back on the same router 1812w


Re: help 1812w router

I guess i got your scenario.

on the router remove the IP from port 1.

go to the configuration mode and set the ip on the interface VLAN1

and then all PCs who connect to the switch will have internet because all the switch ports are by default in VLAN 1

Please let me know if it works,


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