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help: two consultants disagree

i had one consultant (protocol analysis expert) who took at look at the health of our network tell me to upgrade the memory in some 3548 switches (and the IOS). btw, this was about 2 1/2 years ago. another guy (CCIE) told me the memory can't be upgraded.

My boss has the report from the first guy. We are having performance problems on a couple of apps and he is blaming the network telling me we should have upgraded the memory (and the IOS). can ram be added (in order to help performance)?

Cisco Employee

Re: help: two consultants disagree

Hi Friend,

3548XL swicthes are not modular switches and moreover are also very old products so memory cannot be upgraded on these products.

Although you can upgrade IOS but only those IOS which fits into your memory :)



Re: help: two consultants disagree


As what the other poster says, you can't upgrade Cisco Catalyst 3548 Switch memory and the model is already EOS/EOL. The next best approach is to replace them with new Cisco Catalyst Switch model.

However, if you are retaining them, I recommend the following.

- Upgrade the IOS if you are able to download it.

- Hardcode static device port configuration to 100Base-T/FullDuplex (i.e. Switch-to-Switch, Switch-to-Server, Switch-to-Router, Switch-to-Firewall, etc..) and leave moving host port configuration to Auto/Auto (i.e. Switch-to-Desktop/Laptop)

- Avoid daisy-chaining Switches if you can help it.

- Make sure you are using correct cabling;

* UTP Cat 5 or Cat 5E

* Same devices use crossed-cable (i.e. Switch-to-Switch)

* Not same device use straight-through cable (i.e. Switch-to-Server)

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