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Help with 2921/1921 Redundant WAN Configuration


Let me start with saying I am not a network guy, I know enough to be dangerous, that said here's my dilemma. I have a customer with private OTNs used for backhaul on a closed private network and they want to add a redundant link to each router in the network.


The OTNs give my routers a simple layer 2 100mb cloud. Now they want to connect a second OTN for link redundancy. The cool part is I don't have bandwidth issues or any packet inspection issues its just like they are all in the same room connected to an unmanaged switch. The uncool part is I cant figure out what I am missing.

I have two 2921's that currently use gi0/2 as the WAN 1 connection and gi0/0/0 as WAN 2 connection. There are 3 1921's that use gi0/1 as the WAN 1 connection and gi0/0/0 as WAN 2 connection.  I have been at this for two days and have made enough progress that the sho ip int br says the interfaces & Tunnels are up but they still don't fail over to the new south OTN. I am trying to modify configs that a very qualified Cisco educated group originally made & have always been able to figure out how to make little changes and tweaks my customers need until now. Below is a very simple diagram that shows what I am trying to do. I am grateful for any help I can get. I am sure you will need some configuration info to help but the running config is huge so I didn't want to just put a bunch of stuff that isn't necessary on the post.



Hello.I would say, that


I would say, that running configuration could really help. Also could you please provide your routing table from all the devices, highlighting what is not expected (by yourself) any what do you want to see instead.

PS: so far it's not clear what routing protocol do you run.

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Hi Scott,If I understand your

Hi Scott,

If I understand your problem correctly, Do you want to achive a L2 redundancy between Routers.

Running HSRP on Routers LAN interfaces might help you..




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