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Help with Cisco 3750 and another switch Avaya G700

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping someone can help me out. We have a 3750 connected to an Avaya G700 and for some reason when i plug it into the 3750 it comes up green on the port but i get no ip connectivity. I tried on one of my other switches and no problem and tried it on a 4507R and i had to disable spanning-tree but it then worked. The wierd thing is that it works if i put a hub between the g700 and the 3750 no matter what type of hub.

Just wondering anyone have any ideas of what it might be and what might be different from a 5500 and a 3750 to cuase this issue?

Thanks T

Cisco Employee

Re: Help with Cisco 3750 and another switch Avaya G700

How is the connectivity to G700. are you using the layer3 port on 3750 or layer2 port. Please paste the config. What is the IP address range used on 3750 and G700.

Please paste the output of " show interface " and "show spanning-tree interface

-amit singh

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