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Help with configuring a new SRW2016 switch into my network

I'm getting frustrated and need someones help...please.

I'm trying to get my small business network functioning and I'm having trouble.  I have substantial experience supporting servers and PCs, but I'm NOT a network guru.

The equipment I have is: Cable Modem from my cable company, new SRW2016 Switch, E3000 Access Point, and SD2008 Switch.

I originally had PCs and printers going through the E3000 with no problems.  Now I need to expand my network to accommadate 13 devices total in two different buildings located 200 feet apart from each other.  I followed the SRW2016 documentation and configured the network in building #1 as:  The cable modem is connected to the SRW2016 on port 4.  The E3000 is connected to port 5.  Two PCs are connected to ports 9 and 16.  A wireless laptop is connecting through the E3000.  I have not connected anything from building 2 yet.

I turned on the cable modem, then the SRW2016, then the E3000, then the PCs with about 5 mins or more between devices.  The wireless laptop connects with no problems and has access to the internet (through the E3000 to SRW2016 to Cable Modem to internet, therefore the SRW2016 must be passing data through ports 5 and 4.).  I can ping the E3000 from the wireless laptop, but I can't ping the SRW2016 at (I confirmed this is the correct IP of the SRW2016)  I tried using both PCs that are connected to the SRW2016 with no success.  From the PCs I can't ping anything.  Once I moved a PC connection from the SRW2016 to the E3000 it works fine.  I've linked to the SRW2016 through a serial cable, but I can't TCPIP to it to use the web base utility.

I'm very confused and my questions are:  1)  How should I have these devices physically connected, including the SD2008 switch that will be in a remote building 200' away?  2)  What do I need to do to communicate and configure the SRW2016 switch via the "web based utility"?  3)  Is there anything specific I should be configuring on the SRW2016 switch?  4)  I'd like to install another wireless E3000 in building  #2.  Can I do that without having a conflict with the E3000 in building #1?

Thanks, and any help will be more greatly appreciated than you know!!

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