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Help with designing a multicast solution


This may be trivial for some, but I'm at the beginning of my learning scope for multicasts. Here's my dilema:

I am working in an environment that has two sites, datcentre1 and datacentre2. In both environments there are lots of multicasts groups that are spread across vlans. I have a new requirement where I need to create two new vlan's in each DC and in them run an application that will multicast data. For efficiency I need to create a redndevouz point and have these mutlicast groups ( - vlan 81 & - vlan 80 in DC1 and - vlan 40 & - vlan 41 in DC2)use this RP, but I don't want any other multicast group to use this RP. Additionally, somehow, I need to prevent these multicast groups from using the existing RP address of Also I need to stop these mutlicast groups from spilling over to other vlans. Can someone please help me with this design?

My problem is that I have read and studied quite a bit on multicast groups but I'm not that confident. I see myself as someone who knows the theory but has difficulty in putting it into practice in real world scenarios.

A design guide would be very useful to me.

If you need any further clarification or information please let me know.

Thanks in advance


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