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help with SNMP OID for PoE on 2960S

I have a stack of 2960S switches and I want to get total PoE power available and consumed  via SNMP. I've tried the cisco MIB browser and looked on google but any OID I try to query returns nothing.

Does anyone have the correct OIDs to use? Can I get those two numbers (total available and consumed) per switch in the stack? Can I just get the overall numbers? I'm not interested in the per interface values, only the overall values.


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I got the OIDs to use but it

I got the OIDs to use but it doesn't seem to be returning the correct values. for total for consumed


The .2 OID returns 740 per switch in the stack which is what  I expected. The .4 OID doesn't return anything close to the real value.


Show inline power says I'm using 42, 114, 46 and 57 per switch. The SNMP values are 12, 24, 8 and 20.


Anyone know what's going on?

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Any luck getting this to work

Any luck getting this to work? Running into the exact same problem with the "consumed" power being inaccurate. Thanks.

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Hi,There is a difference in

There is a difference in actual power usage, and the amount of power the system reserves from power budget.

I have the same problem, i need to know how much power is actually left from the budget for me to connect new devices..

Anyway, output of #show power inline is the power based on the output of "#show cdp entry"[device name].
For example i have an AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9
"Power drawn: 16.800 Watts" from CDP.
#sh power  inline
Module   Available     Used     Remaining
          (Watts)     (Watts)    (Watts)
------   ---------   --------   ---------
1           485.0      478.6         6.4
Interface Admin  Oper       Power   Device              Class Max
--------- ------ ---------- ------- ------------------- ----- ----
Gi1/0/2   auto   on         16.8    AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9   4     30.0

The output you see with SNMP is the OID being read that shows the actual Watts as used by the connected device.

The counter you see is the SNMP OID of "Oper power"
#sh power  inline police

Module   Available     Used     Remaining
          (Watts)     (Watts)    (Watts)
------   ---------   --------   ---------
1           485.0      478.6         6.4
Interface Admin  Oper       Admin      Oper       Cutoff Oper  
          State  State      Police     Police     Power  Power
--------- ------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ------ -----
Gi1/0/2   auto   on         none       n/a        n/a    6.7  
Totals:                                                  182.1

So i too am looking for the OID that show me to remaining watts based on the amount of power a devices like APs reserve in the POE budget.
Would be great if this could be done with SNMP, otherwise i need to script this.

Have you found a SNMP solution to this problem?

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Sadly, no, I have not found a

Sadly, no, I have not found a solution.

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