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Help with Traffic Limit!


I have a 3560 24TS Switch with a Ipservices image. I receive a Internet service on this Switch, i have 2 Vlan, one Vlan for CLIENTS and one Vlan for Administrative Network. I want to limit the traffic to the CLIENTS Vlan just to 5MB, and 5MB for the Administrative Network Vlan. Can i do that on that Switch ?


Re: Help with Traffic Limit!


You can make use of QoS policies to achieve this objective. You need to classify the networks being used for client and the admin group.

The same can be done using access lists, once you are done with the same need to create seperate class maps for both client and admin.

Respective ACLs created above needs to be matched under the class map.Once you are done with matching the policies, apply the same under a policy map with the police command configured with your requirement of 5Mbps for each group.

After configuring the policy map you need to apply the same under the SVI interface.

Below link would help you to start with configuring the same..


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Re: Help with Traffic Limit!

sorry but i can't figure out how can i handle the download traffic for users, since there's not how can i set the service-policy output on any interface on that switch.

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