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Help with Voice VLAN and Routing

Hello!  I need help/advice with Voice VLAN and routing.  I am not all that familiar with VoIP.  Currently the network is pretty much a flat layer 2 network with a central location an various remote locations connected up with VLANs.  This is going to be changed to a layer 3 set up.  The data part is not a problem, that I understand and can handle, but I'm trying to get a handle on how to best handle VoIP.

If there is a voice VLAN x at a remote site(with QoS), and a voice VLAN y at the central site(again with QoS), how do I keep voice separate from data?  Would I create a VLAN for data, another for Voice and run two instances of EIGRP between the L3 switches (one for data and the other for voice) since each site's voice will be on a separate network?  Is there a better more efficient way?  Any assistance/advice is welcome!

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