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High availability configuration for 2 6509 chassis

I am working with a partner who has multiple 6509 chassis, we want to configure a fully redundant environment with each edge switch going to both core switches. What is the best design for this? What protocols and configurations should I be looking at using?


Re: High availability configuration for 2 6509 chassis

Hello farmer,

you basically need to do the following:

1) from the edge switch , have 2 trunks, one to each core switch

2) configure VLANs on the core switch and make it a VTP server. the Edge switches will be VTP clients, and will receive all VLAN inforation from the core switch. configure VTP passwords for more security.

3) configure spanning tree (PVST OR Rapid STP) . configure priority on the core switch to force the core as the STP root. you can configure load sharing here by configure priorities of 5 VLANs on core 1 and other 5 vlans on core 2 , to take preference. Please dont leave the STP paramters as default...

4) configure port fast on the ports where the end users are connected...

5) configure layer 3 interfaces on the core switch and make sure inter-vlan routing works

6) configure HSRP between the VLANs on core 1 & core 2 and give priorities to choose the active core. u can load share here too with M-HSRP, giving difference priorities for different VLANs..

7) configure VTP pruning if required, in some places where some VLAN information is not required.

These are some basic things you might want to do...

Hope this helps.. all the best.. rate replies if found useful..


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