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High CPU in 7206

We have 7206 with NPG2 and 450 MB WAN link connected on gigport... Problem is we are continiously getting 90% of cpu utilization..

Can you please confirm if it can support 490 MBps of WAN link or we should upgrade the device if yes then what device is recommended.

Router is having VPN tunnle and BGP running on it.

From CPU it seems most of process utilization is due to interrupt...
Router#sh processes cpu | e 0.00
CPU utilization for five seconds: 93%/90%; one minute: 92%; five minutes: 92%
PID Runtime(ms)   Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process
   2     1238764   9425770        131  0.16%  0.12%  0.14%   0 Load Meter
   5    94288636   5938203      15878  0.24%  0.12%  0.07%   0 Check heaps
  76      7706641467137172          0  0.08%  0.03%  0.02%   0 ACCT Periodic Pr
  81   331332736 789090215        419  2.37%  1.95%  1.00%   0 IP Input
  87        1396       321       4348  0.08%  0.11%  0.03%   2 SSH Process


We are running c7200p-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T7.bin

Will the CPU profiling help,



Re: High CPU in 7206

Look through this link to see for common causes

If you have verified the common causes, CPU profiling may help

Cisco Employee

Re: High CPU in 7206

In this particular case if actually 490 Mbps traffic is being pushed by this box then I am inclined towards thinking that you are just pushing the box close to its limits. Is this something you have noticed recently or has CPU utilization been increasing gradually as forwarded traffic increased?



Re: High CPU in 7206


The 7206 platform with the NPE-G2 performance routing is 2000000 PPS/1024 Mbps

However, if your VPN tunnel is protected with IPSec, the CPU must encrypt/decrypt the packets in addition to routing them.

So, I agree with Atif you are pushing this router to its limit.


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