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high cpu on 3560G-24TS

Hi all,

I have a problem with high cpu utilization - SW switching on 3560G-24TS but I can't find the reason.

There is only one access list with no log option used with PBR.

sh proc pcu

CPU utilization for five seconds: 26%/20%

TCAM is not full

Following debug shows a lot of records (here is one as sapmle)

Eg. this one is for traffic destined to localy connected machine ( - why is it SW switched?

debug platform cpu-queues software-fwd-q

Feb 11 22:07:21: SW-FWD-Q:IP packet: Local Port Fwding L3If:Vlan118 L2If:GigabitEthernet0/24 DI:0x2F, LT:7, Vlan:118 S

rcGPN:24, SrcGID:24, ACLLogIdx:0x0, MacDA:0018.19cf.a5c6, MacSA: 001a.a2e8.68c0 IP_SA: IP_DA: IP



Thanks in advance

Karel V.


Re: high cpu on 3560G-24TS

26% utilization doesn't seem very high to me.

Not sure about the other question you asked.


Re: high cpu on 3560G-24TS

20% is not high . Do a show proc cpu sort" and it will tell you what is highest process in order .

Community Member

Re: high cpu on 3560G-24TS

Mayby it is not very high (in this moment, i must redirect traffic) but traffic going thru this switch has latency about 10 - 50 ms or worst in case of higher utilization.

I'm looking for reason of SW switching.

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