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High CPU Utilization on Cisco 871!

Hi all,

I am testing this Cisco 871 router. Without any user traffic, the CPU utilization is already around 50%!!!!

After sorting through the high utilization process, it shows this:

7.08% 0 WLAN LED Timers


4.75% 0 SSS Feature Time

2.34% 0 Inspect process

2.35% 0 DHCPD Receive

My question is, how do I disable the WLAN LED timers, SSS feature time, and DHCPD receive processes? I know I am not using them or enabling them.


Re: High CPU Utilization on Cisco 871!

Keep in mind that if you are using features that are process intensive your CPU util will rise. If you are using the IOS firewall it is very CPU intensive. Also you may want to post the router config to show us the features that you have enabled. You may have some processes enabled on your WAN that you don't realize is on...

Community Member

Re: High CPU Utilization on Cisco 871!

I have attached my config. Again, this router has no user traffic, I just want to disable certain high utilization processes as shown from "show proc c s".


Re: High CPU Utilization on Cisco 871!

From what you show. The first thing I would disable is the LOAD-INTERVAL 30 from all the interfaces. You do not need this unless you need to know the load on the links every 30secs. Do a "NO" on this command and set them to their default of 300secs. The next thing to note is that you have logging buffered on the router. You may want to log to a logging server or turn logging off.You also have IP ROUTE-CACHE FLOW turned on on the FE interfaces. Turn this off unless you are using NetFlow management devices. You do not need it... Try these and then take a look at it....

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Re: High CPU Utilization on Cisco 871!

Are you indicating the load-interval command has impact on (any platform?) the system? I thought this command just altered the calculation slightly and displayed the results a little differently. Can you confirm the impact of changing this from the default to 30 seconds?

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