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High Density Card for 6500E and 2T SUP

I have a customer that in the past has been using 6506E chassis with Sup32 and the WS-X6196-21AF cards for their closet.

With the End of Sale of this combination and the announced End of Sale of the Sup720-3B announced, this kind of pushes the configuration to a Sup 2T.

BUT the SUP 2T does not support these low speed high density cards.

Is there a card coming that will address need?  Customer generally has had dual sup32's and 3 to 4 cards of the 96port AF.

They stock spares besides haveing smartnet on the boxes or moving to a different platform like the 4510R+ or stacks of switches will mess them up.

Thoughts would be appreciated.

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High Density Card for 6500E and 2T SUP

Sup 2T supports the 48 port (WS-X6148A-45AF) card.  If your chassis has open slots that you just need more modules to replace all the current ports.

Have a look at table-5 in this link:


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High Density Card for 6500E and 2T SUP


This I already knew.  What my customer is used to using is the 96 port WS-X6196-21AF and that for some reason is not supported and I am asking Why isn't it when other WS-X61xx cards are supported.  Especially, since the Sup32 is no longer an option for the 65xxE chassis and soon the 720will not be either.

The 4500 does not have a similar dense card.

What are going to be the options for a high density low traffic card?

Or get the 2T to support the WS-X6196 card.

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Re: High Density Card for 6500E and 2T SUP

Why isn't it when other WS-X61xx cards are supported.

You're asking the wrong person.  Reza does NOT work for Cisco.  If you need to ask this question, then you need to contact your authorized Cisco Pre-Sales Engineer and/or Account Manager.

If I could hazard a guess it would be the following reasons:

1.  Lack of users; and/or

2.  Hardware incompatibility to the Sup2T

Contact your SE or AM and ask for a Product Enhancement Request (PER) to get your line card included in the next IOS release. 

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