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High txload on central router

We have a 3825 router that records high txloads on all serial interface "250/255". I have tried netflow to see if any devices transmitting, nothing abnormal. I have 4 bundle T1s using ppp multilink and 1 frame-relay connection.

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Re: High txload on central router

Since 4 bundled T1s provide about 6 Mbps, assuming the LAN side supports 10 Mbps or more, it's certainly possible to saturate the WAN bundle. Is this unexpected?

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Re: High txload on central router

This is a central router that connects 2 remote sites by 2(x)T1s; 3megs per site. When I do a show interface, at random my serial interface would respond with i.e (reliability 255/255, txload 250/255, rxload 20/255. This suggest to me that this central router is sending high volume of traffic through the serial interface. I think this is some line error or configuration error?

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Re: High txload on central router

Asymetric bandwidth demand can be common when a HQ site communicates with remote sites. (Similar to "consumer" Internet ADSL and/or cable.)

Of possible more concern than asymetrically bandwidth utilization is the high transmission load. This might be investigated further to detmine whether (critical) applications are being impacted.

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