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Host Finding


I have a huge network with L3 Switching.

I need a tool to find the hosts that which cisco switch and which port of that switch that connected.

Does anyone know any tool like that ?



Re: Host Finding

cisco works LMS

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Re: Host Finding

Actually I was looking for some freeware

I already use spectrum and could not buy CiscoWorks but spectrum search is not working


Re: Host Finding

Finding Hosts are a big broad question with many different meanings.

Remember you are the one with control over the switches ie you have the power of the network at your disposal. And the network is the one party who knows everything about who is where.

Just ask the right questions.

If you have CDP enabled between the switches and the ip address of the offending unit you can try this command in the switch.

traceroute mac ip

where the first ip is the one you want to trace from and the other one is to.

This will tell you att what port the device you are looking for is.

There are different commands for different switches. They are not all the same.

Does this answer your question ?

PS Solarwinds have a toolkit wich costs some but is very nice, Engineer toolkit.

its realy nice to work with and well worth the money.

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Re: Host Finding

Kiwi CatTools ( is a relatively inexpensive application that will allow you to pull information from the switches and build a mapping of mac addresses.

The alternative is to ping the address from the core switch, look in the arp table for the mac address then go to the core switch and do a "show mac-address-table | include ". If the port is an uplink to another switch, then you have to go to that switch and do the same thing until you get to the port that the device is plugged in to.

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Re: Host Finding

Ok this really works thanks

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