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Hot Swappable Blade on 6513 causing OSPF / HSRP Adjacency Loss


Chassis Type = 6513

Supervisor = Sup 720

Software = Native IOS 12.2(18)SXF8 Non Modular

We inserted a blade, model number WS-X6524-100FX-MM, into the chassis. It wasn't until some time later, after looking at the logs that we realised that HSRP and OSPF adjacencies were lost during the diagnostic / bootup sequence of the new blade.

Unfortunately we didn't have a console to the switch open at the time because we have never had a problem before with hot swapping blades in any 6500 chassis during operational hours. Therefore I do not know if the CPU ran high or not. All I have to go off are the log messages to work from which someone has now cleared from the switch.

There is nothing non-standard in the config that I can think of that may have caused the problem apart from using the "diagnostic bootup level complete" command. I am wondering if this is causing a CPU Hog on resources as the blade comes online ?

In addition to this, the only other difference on this config is that we had netflow running with the following commands:

ip flow-export destination <address> 2055

ip flow-export source loopback 0

ip flow export-version 5

ip flow-cache timeout active 1

ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15

mls nde sender version 5

mls agin long 64

mls aging normal 32

mls flow ip interface-full

mls nde interface

mls netflow

ip flow ingress layer2-switched vlan <list>

interface vlan <vlan> / ip route-cache flow

Does anyone have any idea why inserting this blade should cause the observed problems ?

We have experienced the exact same issue on a similarly configured 6513, so that rules out a hardware issue on the chassis.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Hot Swappable Blade on 6513 causing OSPF / HSRP Adjacency Lo

Can anyone help with this ?

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