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how do i configure an srw224p IGMP settings for an HMDI over IP pair?

Hi, I have a minimal understanding of IGMP but am told I need to configure it properly when putting an HDMI over IP transceivers on my network. We have two SRW224P switches with 2 Gbit ports each, connected via fiber through fiber GBICs, one slot on each (ports 25). The other gigabit ports (ports 26) we have plugged in an HDMI transmitter and receiver pair.

IGMP is enabled on both switches, but in just a default configuration. We are experiencing problems with network and VOIP phones on these switches when the transceivers are connected. Wavering sound quality and intermittent network failures across the board. 

How do I isolate the multicast packet broadcasting obviously causing the trouble from the transceivers? i.e.: how do I isolate the port 26 traffic from the rest of the network. I'm told I need to use IGMP which I know little about.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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