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How do I configure RV180-K9-NA router to distribute bandwidth equally and utilize maximum speed?

I upgraded the entire network infrastructure by installing new access points, a new router and a new switch. I set up a RV180-K9-NA router to handle a fraternity with 9 WAP321 POE access points on a gigabit switch as well as 60 ethernet connections on an gigabit switch. The fraternity just signed a contract with an ISP to receive 125Mbps / 25Mbps, however I am encountering a few issues. The max speed I received wired is ~90Mbps.


Issue #1 : The access points are setup for 2.4Ghz with Wireless N and when I run a speed test from the access point over wireless, the max speed I receive is 30Mbps, which does not make sense to me; I am using getting a fraction of the speed that we are paying for. If I run a speed test wired directly from the router I get ~90Mbps and if I unplug the access point and plug my computer in, I receive ~90Mbps. 


Issue #2: The entire network is constantly slow and I am trying to troubleshoot to see if it is the ISP or if the bandwidth is not being distributed equally throughout the network. Is it possible to divide my download speed equally on the network? For instance, since the max I have been able to receive wired is ~90Mbps is there a way to set up groups of IPs to use 30Mbps to ensure the speed?


Any assistance and clarification would be greatly appreciated. 

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