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How do I transport more than 1 VLAN over another VLAN?

Hi there. I think this might relate to "Q-in-Q", but I've no experience with this topic and I might be wrong in the way I want to achieve my goal. So here's the situation:

I have a device which on its eth1 port has an untagged VLAN (1) and a tagged one (700). On this port I need to connect a switch to serve the clients on both VLANs. Now the fact is, that I cannot place the switch near this device and I have to place it in a different office. To that office I do not have direct cabling, but I have switches. Thus I thought I could use some sort of "transport VLAN", like I already did with a different VLAN. Only thing is that this latter VLAN comes from a port which  is purely untagged, so it's not difficult to achieve my goal.


Finally my question is: how do I transport 2 VLANs from one device over to another, without direct cabling but only having a switch infrastructure?

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When you say tag/untag, that

When you say tag/untag, that implies you are using another manufactures product? In Cisco land you have a trunk.

Your question is confusing with regards to the office, but to have communication between two or more VLAN'S across switches you need to 'tag' or create a trunk (see above) on the ports that connect them together.



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