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How to config CE500 ?

How to config CE500 without console port? I know CNA can do it. But how to config it the first time? Only after I know the IP address or SNMP information of CE500, CNA can connect it. But what's the factory default CE500? And more, do CE500 support VLAN ?

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Re: How to config CE500 ?

Start up your CE500. when the setup light goes green then press the button so that the setup led goes blinking green. at this point a port on the switch will start to blink.

take a PC (with ip config set to obtain ip automatically) and connect that pc to the blinking port.

open command prompt and run

"ipconfig /all"

note down your ip address and the default gateway.

should be a "169.x.x.x" range.

next open a java enabled browser. and write the default gateway ip address


thatll open the web management for your CE500.

set the IP address of your choice, create a user and password and dont forget to submit (save) the config.

reboot the switch. give your pc the ip range you configured on the switch plug it in on any port and access the web management with the new switch ip again.

if ur in... rate me ;)

have fun..

for ref:

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Re: How to config CE500 ?


CE500 dont have any console port. U can connect a straight calbe in port no. 1 ro 2 or 3 or 4 to ur LAPTOP. And give The GUI of CE500 willl open in front of u.

Yes CE500 do support VLAN.



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