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How to configure Cisco small business switch SG220 support VoIP VLAN and Data VLAN on a single switchport?


I have a SG220 small business switch as a workgroup switch in office, in which; the SG220 will uplink to a core Catalyst 3750x switch from another zone in the office.  I am using another IP phone (not cisco ip phone) in office with LLDP protocol, the ip phone is in VLAN 10 while the PC is in VLAN 20.  How can I configure the SG220's switchport to support ip phone and PC with a single switchport?  And the switchport used for uplink to another core switch should be a trunk port too, right?  Let's say, if the port 10 on SG220 is linked to a LLDP enabled ip phone, if port 10 is a trunk port or access port?  This port 10 will carry two VLANs traffice, one for data and one for voice.  The VLAN 10 and VLAN 20 has been configured at 3750x vlan database already.

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Hello,Could you fix this? 


Could you fix this? 

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hello, that switch supports



that switch supports vlan tagging, but there are a couple steps.

I assume you have the vlans setup on the switch, vlan 10 and 20.

You can use the auto voice vlan feature to allow the switch to provision a port to the correct voice vlan .  this uses CDP or LLDP to propagate the voice vlan to ports where telephony devices are attached. Here are instructions

The other method of auto voice vlan on this switch is to use the telephony OUI which uses the mac address of the voip device to decide which vlan the packet belong on.


The next step is to match the vlans on your uplink to the 3750 switch.

3750 native == sg220 untagged

3750 allowed == sg220 tagged


so your 3750 port might be vlan 10 native, and vlan 20 as the voice vlan tagged, and the sg220 uplink port should be vlan 10 untagged, vlan 20 tagged.

if both are tagged on the 3750, the sg220 uplink should be 10 tagged, 20 tagged.


you may also have to set the management vlan to other than the default if you are not using vlan1 on your 3750 network.  This switch only has one management interface, but you can change which vlan it uses for management.

Be sure to set a port on that new management vlan untagged, so you can reach the switch to configure it if there is not a trunk to manage it through.  otherwise you may need to factory reset and start over. 

setting the management interface and vlan is sometimes best done through the console port, as you are changing the interface you use to get to the switch.


hope this helps,  flag helpful posts!








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