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How to configure interface Nexus 7000?


I am just trying to configure the ethernet interfaces on my Nexus 7010 48 port module. When I do a "show interface" I only see the management interface on the management module and not the 48 port module. When I run a "show hardware" I am able to see that the module is plugged in to slot 1 and the status is "ok." I thought the interfaces would just show up once I connected the module. Is this not correct? And then I could access the ports with "interface ethernet 1/x" for the ports on module 1.


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How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Check out this document


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How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Looked in there already. Seemed like the command should just be "interface ethernet 1/1" to configure port 1 on the module in slot 1. However I get an invalid range error and when I run "show interface" I only see the management blade interfaces rather than the 48 ethernet interfaces on the module.

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How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Any ideas?

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How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Hi Nathaniel,

Are you using non default VDC or RBAC on this switch. Can you attach show command output / show runn to check further.


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How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Subhash, I believe I am using the default vdc on the switch.

show run shows:


Nexus-7000(config)# show running-config

!Command: show running-config

!Time: Tue Jul  9 19:21:30 2013

version 6.1(2)

poweroff xbar 4

poweroff xbar 5

hardware fabrics max 3

license grace-period

switchname Nexus-7000

system admin-vdc

vdc Nexus-7000 id 1

  cpu-share 5

  limit-resource vlan minimum 16 maximum 4094

  limit-resource monitor-session minimum 0 maximum 2

  limit-resource monitor-session-erspan-dst minimum 0 maximum 23

  limit-resource vrf minimum 2 maximum 4096

  limit-resource port-channel minimum 0 maximum 768

  limit-resource u4route-mem minimum 96 maximum 96

  limit-resource u6route-mem minimum 24 maximum 24

  limit-resource m4route-mem minimum 58 maximum 58

  limit-resource m6route-mem minimum 8 maximum 8

  limit-resource monitor-session-inband-src minimum 0 maximum 1

username admin password 5 $1$jyn3hULs$7iGtrdO2BwgjGOJIRHkN81  role network-admin

ip domain-lookup

copp profile strict

snmp-server user admin network-admin auth md5 0x3688458ab63c86695ec6a773488d138c

priv 0x3688458ab63c86695ec6a773488d138c localizedkey

rmon event 1 log trap public description FATAL(1) owner PMON@FATAL

rmon event 2 log trap public description CRITICAL(2) owner PMON@CRITICAL

rmon event 3 log trap public description ERROR(3) owner PMON@ERROR

rmon event 4 log trap public description WARNING(4) owner PMON@WARNING

rmon event 5 log trap public description INFORMATION(5) owner PMON@INFO

vrf context management

  ip route

vlan 1

interface mgmt0

  ip address

line console

line vty

boot kickstart bootflash:/n7000-s2-kickstart.6.1.2.bin sup-1

boot system bootflash:/n7000-s2-dk9.6.1.2.bin sup-1


show interface shows


Nexus-7000(config)# show interface

mgmt0 is up

admin state is up,

  Hardware: GigabitEthernet, address: 8478.ac57.3e2c (bia 8478.ac57.3e2c)

  Internet Address is

  MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1000000 Kbit, DLY 10 usec

  reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255

  Encapsulation ARPA, medium is broadcast

  full-duplex, 1000 Mb/s

  Auto-Negotiation is turned on

  Auto-mdix is turned off

  EtherType is 0x0000

  1 minute input rate 1656 bits/sec, 1 packets/sec

  1 minute output rate 3048 bits/sec, 1 packets/sec


    55430 input packets 9389 unicast packets 7792 multicast packets

    38249 broadcast packets 5342508 bytes


    6401 output packets 6397 unicast packets 1 multicast packets

    3 broadcast packets 947681 bytes


It's as if the interfaces are not there. But with show hardware, I can see that the module is seen.

Module1  ok

  Module type is : 1/10 Gbps Ethernet Module

  0 submodules are present

  Model number is N7K-F248XP-25E

  H/W version is 1.0

  Part Number is 73-14976-02

  Part Revision is A0

  Manufacture Date is Year 17 Week 12

  Serial number is JAF1712BFCB


How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Take a read of the post Nexus 7009 does not show the N7K-F248XP-25 modules ethernet ports n sh run.

The solution there appears to be the use of the system module-type command.


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How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Thanks Steve. That seems to be very close to what I am looking for. We are running 6.1(2) right now but I see that it does not support the "system module-type" command. THat is only in 6.1(3). We are not able to get the upgrade yet due to SmartNet problems. Don't think there is a work around command on 6.1(2) that does the same thing...

How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Do you have any other I/O modules in the same chassis, either the M1, M2 or F1 series I/O modules? Currently the F2 and F2E modules needs to be in their own VDC.

As per the section Integrating F2 Series Modules Into a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series System in the NX-OS 6.1 release notes:

  • An F2 Series module requires its own F2 Series module VDC. This VDC is restricted to the F2 Series module; M1 and F1 ports cannot be in the F2 Series module VDC. The default VDC can also be configured as an F2 Series module VDC.


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Re: How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Check output of 'show vdc membership' command. These interfaces will all appear
in VDC 0, which is reserved for unallocated interfaces:

vdc_id: 0 vdc_name: Unallocated interfaces:

Ethernet15/1          Ethernet15/2          Ethernet15/3
Ethernet15/4          Ethernet15/5          Ethernet15/6
Ethernet15/7          Ethernet15/8          Ethernet15/9

This needs to be allocated to your current VDC id 1. Refer below link for more information.

Allocating interfaces to a VDC:
If still it doesn't work, then you will need to create a separate VDC, configure that VDC to support the F2 module, and then allocate the appropriate interfaces to that new VDC.



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How to configure interface Nexus 7000?

Thank you very much guys. I was not able to add the ethernet ports to vdc1 since the admin vdc was not specified to handle f2 (and could not be set to handle it with limit-resources). Instead, I created another vdc and was able to allocate the interfaces and configure them.

Many thanks to both of you for your help!

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HI Skapadi, Thanks...I was

HI Skapadi,


Thanks...I was also stucked  on same issue, given link helped me...Thank you so long..

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