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How to determine when the default behavior of command changed in IOS

Hi, would there be a database to look into when the default behaviour of a command changed in IOS besides going through the release notes. I am looking at the command lookup tool and all it does is gives when the command was introduced and when the command was integrated.

Question 2

what is the difference between introduced and integrated in reference to a command. I would assume that it means the command became the default but am not absolutely certain on this.


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Re: How to determine when the default behavior of command change

Hello Vikram,

I usually go the command reference where there is a paragraph default that explains if the command is applied or not by default.

The difficult part with command reference is to find the right one.

You can use the command lookup tool to locate the command reference name then you open the command reference and look for the command.

b) my understanding is the following:

introduced: first IOS release where the command /related feature has been introduced usually an experimental or specific one (T train or others)

integrated: mainstream IOS release where the feature becomes part of main features and you can expect it in later releases

Hope to help


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