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How to find packet tracer commands

Hidy ho all,

I'm currently a student, and I'm coming back to my networking classes after a year or so.  I'm trying to use some packet tracer labs I found on the interweb to refresh my skills, and bring myself back up to a rough state of being comfortable with configuring a router.

But I'm having trouble remembering doing the basics atm.  Is there a place where I can find a list of commands?


Hey,Pick any configuration


Pick any configuration guide, commands would be more or less same.


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 Hello, Here is a link with a



Here is a link with a list of commands :



I would recommend using the "?" on the command line at anytime you would like to see a complete list of available commands. 

For example:

Exec commands:
  <1-99>      Session number to resume
  auto        Exec level Automation
  clear       Reset functions
  clock       Manage the system clock
  configure   Enter configuration mode
  connect     Open a terminal connection
  copy        Copy from one file to another
  debug       Debugging functions (see also 'undebug')
  delete      Delete a file
  dir         List files on a filesystem
  disable     Turn off privileged commands
  disconnect  Disconnect an existing network connection
  enable      Turn on privileged commands
  erase       Erase a filesystem
  exit        Exit from the EXEC
  logout      Exit from the EXEC
  mkdir       Create new directory
  more        Display the contents of a file
  no          Disable debugging informations
  ping        Send echo messages
  reload      Halt and perform a cold restart


At anytime you can use the "?" after beginning a command to help you complete the command

For example:

Router#show ?
  aaa                Show AAA values
  access-lists       List access lists
  arp                Arp table
  cdp                CDP information
  class-map          Show QoS Class Map
  clock              Display the system clock
  controllers        Interface controllers status
  crypto             Encryption module
  debugging          State of each debugging option
  dhcp               Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol status
  dot11              IEEE 802.11 show information
  ephone             Show all or one ephone status
  file               Show filesystem information
  flash:             display information about flash: file system
  frame-relay        Frame-Relay information
  history            Display the session command history
  hosts              IP domain-name, lookup style, nameservers, and host table
  interfaces         Interface status and configuration
  ip                 IP information
  ipv6               IPv6 information
  line               TTY line information
  logging            Show the contents of logging buffers




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Thanks for the help all. 

Thanks for the help all.  Sorry I didn't reply earlier, life got in the way.  I'm planning on doing alot tomorrow.

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