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How to get IOS Update for Bug Fix - SSL VPN bug?

Hi All,

I have just recently purchased a brand new Cisco 887VA-M router, configured it up ok for the ADSL connection and a IPSEC site-to-site VPN successfully.

I purchased the router to also provide an SSL VPN solution, so I just now bought the SSL VPN PAK to enable this feature.  I have managed to install the license, and configure the the Web VPN server successfully, and can initially connect from an Anyconnect client successfully - however as soon as the client successfully connects, the router drops off the internet.  All internal machines on the LAN side of the router lose internet connectivity, and routing dies between interfaces. The only way I have been able to recover is to reboot the router.  It looks like one or more of the bugs CSCtr86328, CSCte41827, CSCtj21237 (I see "Bad Enque / Dequeue" messages once the VPN is established) or CSCty97961 might be involved.

My router IOS version is 15.1(4)M4, which seems quite old to me for buying this only a couple of weeks ago.  Some of the bugs mentioned that there is no workaround, but the issues are resolved in the later IOS releases.

This is where my problem starts, it looks like I can't download a new release unless I am also in a paid services contract with Cisco.

Is there a way I can update my router without having to cough up more $$, as these are bug fixes for licensing I have already paid for?

I also thought that the routers would come pre-installed with the latest IOS?

P.S.  I am completely new to the Cisco world, so please forgive my ignorance in all areas....



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How to get IOS Update for Bug Fix - SSL VPN bug?

So I am assuming now that I will need to have a services contract or something to get the IOS update, unless someone knows of a process of getting the update through warranty?

Anyways, does anyone know if I bought the CON-SBS-SVC2 product if I would get access to the IOS download links?



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Re: How to get IOS Update for Bug Fix - SSL VPN bug?

Stumbled accross

which outlined which contracts are compatible, and also indicate that I should be able to download a new IOS.

So, in summary, looks like software issues are not covered by warranty, and you need a support contract to get these fixed.

(and is there a way I can mark this as "Answered"?)

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