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How to get Two 23port ESM modules to virutally link?

Is there a way to stack two ESM 23 port modules together without physically trunking the ports togehter?

Have newly installed two NME-X-23ES-1G-P modules into a 3845 router Slot 1 and another in Slot 2. This creates a G1/0 and G2/0 on router. There are Ip adresses on the router (Gi1/0 and Gi2/0 When we say "Service-Module Gix/0 sess" of course we get to the ESM. GI1/0 gets to ESM in Slot 1 which has Gi1/0/1 (down down) and Gi1/0/2 (up up). GI2/0 gets to the other ESM that in turn has the same interfaces and status. Up Up since the 'Session' is in use.

We really want to have all data from both ESM modules to ride to one virtual Router via one interface and not both. Like stacking them together.


Re: How to get Two 23port ESM modules to virutally link?

No, unfortunately this isn't possible. There are some new NME modules which have external 'Stackwise' cables like the 3750's, but yours does not.

For information about the ones that do, you can look here:

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Re: How to get Two 23port ESM modules to virutally link?

OK. We do have a 3750 also and use a 24 port stackwise module for it, howerver, these 23porters cant see each other unless they exit through individual ports to the router via the Gigabit virtual ESM-to-Router virtual port.

Thanks for confirming. After your post, I had to use a BVI and place both virtual ESM-to-Router port into them in order to bridge them together. I just was hoping there was a better way of doing it and the cable jumper between the Gigabit ports was another option but that would make it too complex for the field tech team.

thank you for your quick response. Our completed design is due tomorrow.

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