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How to import banner text

I need to post a very long login/motd banner on my company's switches, much too long to type out for a two finger typist.  Is there an easier way to do it?


Re: How to import banner text

Hi Chris,

I tend to write things like this out once in notepad and then just copy and paste into the CLI. Saves time and removes the risk of making typo's!



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Re: How to import banner text

When I try to copy it from in from cliboard, it truncates the message and says there is an invalid characater.

This banner is about 1500 characters--is there a limit on the Catalyst 2900, ver 12.0?  As for the invalid character, this is copied in from Notepad, there are no invalid characters.  I keep deleting what the ^ points to, but no help, it just points to another character or space.


Re: How to import banner text

Hey Chris,

Often problems seen when pasting large config fragments are caused by differing line-break and/or flow-control implementations between terminal programs. The most realiable method that I'd recommend for inserting significant config fragments would be to store the config on a TFTP/FTP server and use 'copy tftp: running-config'.

If the config is still being rejected with this method then I guess you are hitting some limit for the banner length, although I wasn't aware that there is such.

Good luck!



Re: How to import banner text

   A 2950 is limited to 255 characters or less for a login banner ,so if you are talking about a 2924XL or equivalent  it will be 255 characters  or even less as they are even older....   So yes for a 2900 series you are well above the allowed length.  Not sure why you would need to have a banner that lengthy but it won't work on a 2900 ...

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