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New Member

How to installed standalone 3850 switch from Bundle to Install mode

Switch Ports Model              SW Version        SW Image              Mode
------ ----- -----              ----------        ----------            ----
*    1 56    WS-C3850-48P       03.03.04.SE       cat3k_caa-universalk9 BUNDLE

I had follow with below post

Switch#sh boot
Switch 1
Current Boot Variables:
BOOT variable = flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.03.04.SE.150-1.EZ4.bin;flash:packages.conf;

Boot Variables on next reload:
BOOT variable = flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.03.04.SE.150-1.EZ4.bin;flash:packages.conf;
Allow Dev Key = yes
Manual Boot = no
Enable Break = no

so i find the result like this

Switch#$stall file flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.03.04.SE.150-1.EZ4.bin

% Switch 1 must be running installed software to perform this operation

I try to  join with stack it is saying version mismatch

                                             H/W   Current
Switch#   Role    Mac Address     Priority Version  State
*1       Active   b4e9.b040.7e80     15     V02     Ready
 2       Member   0000.0000.0000     0      0       Removed
 3       Member   ece1.a92f.5180     1      0       V-Mismatch


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Cisco Employee

Hi, You move into bundle mode



You move into bundle mode when you boot the switch using the .bin file directly. Instead, boot with the packages.conf file. You simply need to remove your first boot statement (which points to the .bin file) and keep the second one, which points to packages.conf.


Note, I'm not sure which image the packages.conf is extracted from based on your outputs so you might boot up with a different IOS-XE version. You can then do a 'software install' for the version you want - that should take care of everything and then load your system with the requested image in install mode.




New Member

Hi samsays,FYI, this is done

Hi samsays,

FYI, this is done in a non-production environment.  I just booted a 2-member stack and got the following message on a 'show switch' command:

Switch#sh sw
Switch/Stack Mac Address : 00e1.6d09.ae00 - Local Mac Address
Mac persistency wait time: Indefinite
                                             H/W   Current
Switch#   Role    Mac Address     Priority Version  State
*1       Active   00e1.6d09.ae00     1      M0      Ready
 2       Member   00e1.6d51.6780     1      0       V-Mismatch

In my case, in order to save some time, I copied the .bin file from flash: to flash-2: using the following command:

copy flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.03.02.SE.150-1.EZ2.bin flash-2:

Then, you use the following command to install the correct version to the switch that has the version mismatch:

Switch#software auto-upgrade

% Auto upgrade has been initiated for the following incompatible switches: 2

  INFO level system messages will be generated to provide status information during
  the auto upgrade process

Switch#sh log

*Dec  1 10:29:47.546: %INSTALLER-6-AUTO_UPGRADE_SW_INITIATED: 1 installer:  Auto upgrade initiated for switch 2
*Dec  1 10:29:47.547: %INSTALLER-6-AUTO_UPGRADE_SW: 1 installer:  Searching stack for software to upgrade switch 2
*Dec  1 10:29:47.548: %INSTALLER-6-AUTO_UPGRADE_SW: 1 installer:  Found donor switch 1 to auto upgrade switch 2
*Dec  1 10:29:47.548: %INSTALLER-6-AUTO_UPGRADE_SW: 1 installer:  Upgrading switch 2 with software from switch 1
*Dec  1 10:31:03.973: %INSTALLER-6-AUTO_UPGRADE_SW: 1 installer:  Finished installing software on switch 2
*Dec  1 10:31:03.973: %INSTALLER-6-AUTO_UPGRADE_SW: 1 installer:  Reloading switch 2 to complete the auto upgrade
*Dec  1 10:31:04.005: %STACKMGR-1-RELOAD_REQUEST: 1 stack-mgr:  Received reload request for switch 2, reason Auto upgrade
*Dec  1 10:31:04.468: %STACKMGR-1-STACK_LINK_CHANGE: 1 stack-mgr:  Stack port 2 on switch 1 is down
*Dec  1 10:31:04.470: %STACKMGR-6-SWITCH_REMOVED: 1 stack-mgr:  Switch 2 has been removed from the stack.
*Dec  1 10:31:04.474: Starting SWITCH-DELETE sequence, switch 2
*Dec  1 10:31:04.482: SWITCH-DELETE sequence complete, switch 2
*Dec  1 10:36:42.741: %STACKMGR-1-STACK_LINK_CHANGE: 1 stack-mgr:  Stack port 2 on switch 1 is up
*Dec  1 10:36:57.017: %STACKMGR-6-SWITCH_ADDED: 1 stack-mgr:  Switch 2 has been added to the stack.
*Dec  1 10:37:15.914: %STACKMGR-6-SWITCH_READY: 1 stack-mgr:  Switch 2 is ready.
*Dec  1 10:37:15.918: Starting SWITCH-ADD sequence, switch 2
*Dec  1 10:37:16.044: %NGWC_USB_CONSOLE-6-CONFIG_ENABLE: Switch 2: Console media-type changed to default
*Dec  1 10:37:16.942: %NGWC_PLATFORM_FEP-6-FRU_PS_OIR: Switch 2: FRU power supply A inserted
*Dec  1 10:37:16.946: %NGWC_PLATFORM_FEP-6-FRU_PS_OIR: Switch 2: FRU power supply B inserted
*Dec  1 10:37:35.029: SWITCH-ADD sequence complete, switch 2


Switch#sh sw
Switch/Stack Mac Address : 00e1.6d09.ae00 - Local Mac Address
Mac persistency wait time: Indefinite
                                             H/W   Current
Switch#   Role    Mac Address     Priority Version  State
*1       Active   00e1.6d09.ae00     1      M0      Ready
 2       Standby  00e1.6d51.6780     1      M0      HA sync in progress


As you can see, switch 2 reloaded after the current version of software (in this case, 03.03.02) was installed and it only took about 6 minutes.  The other option is to remove the switch from the stack, put a USB in it with the correct IOS version, copy the IOS version onto the switch and then do the 'software install file flash:' command and wait for it to reload.  We've had 3850's deployed for about 6 months now and are really liking them. 

I'm not sure if any of this helps you, but I've run in to this problem a few different times and just figured out how to load a new image onto a switch in the stack that is in the V-Mismatch state.