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How to view connections on a specific interface??

I have a 2801 router (12.4) with two lan interfaces and one T-1 that is dedicated for voip traffic. I am seeing an usual amount of traffic on the T-1. How can I see all the flows/connections for the serial interface (T-1) specifically?  Top talkers?

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Re: How to view connections on a specific interface??

Yes, top talkers. The quickest way that I know of is:

ip flow-top-talkers

sort bytes

top 10

int s0/0

ip flow egress

ip flow ingress

Then "show ip flow top"


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How to view connections on a specific interface??

Thank you John. I'm actually doing that exact thing but I'm confused by the output.


#sh ip flow top-talkers

SrcIf         SrcIPaddress    DstIf         DstIPaddress    Pr SrcP DstP Bytes

Local         154.124.x.x  Se0/1/0* 32 3110 44CF    10M

Tu21   Vl10   06 D091 0814  4601K

Vl10   Tu21*   06 0814 D08E  4203K

Fa0/0         x.x.x.x    Vl10               x.x.x.x    06 01BB F516  1096K

Vl10          x.x.x.x    Fa0/0*             x.x.x.x    06 F516 01BB   837K

Se0/1/0     Vl10          154.124.x.x  32 C8B3 EC6B   710K

Local         154.124.x.x  Se0/1/0*     32 E048 8F57   432K

Tu21   Vl10     11 0000 0000   324K

Vl10          x.x.x.x    Fa0/0*      06 EDAD 01BB   303K

Vl10          x.x.x.x    Fa0/0*             x.x.x.x   06 FAB2 01BB   141K

10 of 10 top talkers shown. 113 flows processed.

Now take this one entry. Does the entry below mean that is the actual inside address making a connection to the outside world. This addess isn't allowed to go outside this is why I need confirmation. I have an explicit NAT acl to allow only specific address through  the 154.124.x.x interface (T-1) and this isn't one of them.

Se0/1/0     Vl10           154.124.x.x  32 00  10     719K

C8B3 /32 0                     EC6B /24 0         242   809.9

How to view connections on a specific interface??


i would suggest to download a netflow traffic analyzer tool to better understand the output.

alternatively, enable ip accounting on the LAN port.

int fx

ip accounting output-packets

sh ip accounting

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