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HP t5710 terminals can't PXE boot (Altiris) on Catalyst 6509 CatOS

We have a pair of Cat6509's on one floor of the LAN that have HPt5710 terminals connected to 5 x WS-X6148-GE-TX modules. Other floors with the same terminals and switches don't have this problem.

The problem is that when our TS team rollout an image using Altiris/PXEboot, a few of the terminals fail to receive the new image or fail to connect to the PXEboot server.

This seems isolated to a few switchports across 2 or 3 of the WS-X6148-GE-TX Modules. One thing noticeable is that if you pause the terminal as it tries to discover the PXEboot Server it will eventually discover the PXEboot Server and continue to upload an image.

I'm wondering whether this is software related as we are running CatOS v8.4(5).

As this is a 24x7 site I don't want to yet go down the road of performing discruptive diagnostics on the switches.

Anyone else experienced this type of scenario?




Re: HP t5710 terminals can't PXE boot (Altiris) on Catalyst 6509

Use the set port host command to optimize the port configuration for a host connection.

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Re: HP t5710 terminals can't PXE boot (Altiris) on Catalyst 6509

Thanks for the response. Just to clarify wouldn't the command 'set spantree portfast ' also have the same affect to optimize the port for a host?

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