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HP to Cisco not forwarding mac addresses


I have 5 * HP 1810g v2 trunking to 3750. Two of the HP switches have devices with no connectivity, specifically 2 xp machines and 2 DVR systems. Other devices connected to these switches are functional. I see the mac address of the devices in the HP switch but not in the 3570.

Any ideas?


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HP to Cisco not forwarding mac addresses


Do you believe you could post a picture of your topology showing how the switches are interconnected? This may help us to understand your situation better. Also, are the problematic stations placed into the same VLAN as the other stations that work properly? What kind of STP are you using?

Best regards,


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HP to Cisco not forwarding mac addresses

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply. The HP switches are connected to the 3750 by a single fiber, trunk port. 4 vlans 1 untagged and 3 tagged. Fairly simple topology. all the problematic machine are on the native vlan (data vlan). The spanning tree is:

spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst

spanning-tree extend system-id

spanning-tree uplinkfast

No inconsistent ports are shown on any device.

After more trouble shooting we were able to get one of the workstations working by changing a setting in configure of the NIC, advanced, priority & vlan. This was disabled when enable the workstation had connectivity.

Also we tried connecting one of the problematic DVR's to an IP phone. The DVR worked when connected to the IP phone??? The IP Phone is set to a vlan and the data port is on the native vlan.

Thanks again

Is this to be expected, i assumed when the packet came out of the switch it would have the vlaning removed. Also this is on the native vlan...


It’s worth mentioning we do have a 2960 endpoint, at which we are not seeing these issues. Just on the HP switches

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