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Hrsp load sharing

Hello, If I have two nics on a server and two core switches running hrsp with load sharing. If I connect each nic to each core. So nic 1 goes to core switch 1 and nic 2 goes core switch 2. My question does hrsp load sharing let both nics send traffic or only one nic is receiving and other nic sending how does that work with packet flow. Also what happened if I team the nic cards? Thanks,

Hello, what are your core

Hello, what are your core switches? and how are you achieving load sharing? With the old HSRP (i.e. not advanced like N7K's or perhaps N5K's too) you have one active and one standby. So one of the core switches will always be an active gateway which will take the responsibility of routing traffic etc.. So this isn't really load-sharing. Unless you are load sharing several VLAN's to the server nics.

If you team the cards, in standard configuration, you will see mac flaps on the core switches, which isn't so good when forwarding traffic to the server vice versa.


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no you cannot team your nics

no you cannot team your nics except for the occasion that your switches support a relative technology which permit the visualization of the two switches. You can use another load sharing protocol such as glbp which permits multiple active routers. Or you can have two separate links and set on the server two static ip routes towards the two L3 switches.

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