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HSRP Active and Standby Router issues


I currently have 3 6500's configured using HSRP all each with a MSFC so there is 3 Routers in the HSRP Group.

The added attachment shows the 3 routers and there configurations and that Router 3 is the active HSRP Router.

My issues are after reconfiguring a Vlan interface with different priorities as shown in the attachment l cannot then ping the virtual gateway for Vlan 420.

If l do the same changes for Vlan 260 l can ping the gateway ?? But then l also notice that the traceroute hop is 2 as it seems to always go through the original Active Router of 172.16.X.4 and then to 172.16.X.1 to complete the trace. Shouldn't it just have 1 hop that goes straight to 172.16.X.1 as all routers have the same virtual gateway ??


Re: HSRP Active and Standby Router issues

If the router experiences heavy traffic this might happen[Traceroute].You can change this by configuring a more desirable cost for the link you would like the distant router/routers to use.Refer URL

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Re: HSRP Active and Standby Router issues

We see a similar result with a few extra hops on traceroutes, we "share" hsrp group numbers, in that several vlan's may have a group number of say 10 set, so say for example.:

interface vlan1

standby 10 ip

interface vlan12

standby 10 ip

From your output it seemed like you had several vlans in group 110, if my theory holds, the extra hops would be gateways of other vlans sharing the same group number. I've not had a chance to follow up and prove or disprove this theory yet ! But we see extra hops..

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