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HSRP - ASR / 7507 issue


We have two routers, one is an ASR1002 and the other is a 7507 router. They each connect into separate 6509 (catos) switches which are connected. The 7507 has 6 individual networks connections and each interface is using HSRP.

The ASR has the same number of networks all using HSRP which have an HSRP link with the 7507 and vice versa. The ASR is the master.

The difference being the ASR is using an 802.1q trunk and the network connections are using sub-interfaces. The link is 1gb full duplex. There is a mixture of 10mb and 100mb sub interfaces on the ASR.

The problem: -

All connections are fine and working apart from one, on the ASR. We cannot get the HSRP pair to communicate with each other. Displaying HSRP info, the connection is in an “Init” state on the ASR and the ASR cannot ping its own local (sub interface) ip address.  Also when we look at the arp cache on the ASR, the mac address is incomplete. With ref to this faulty connection, the ASR, 7507 & 6509’s are in the correct vlans i.e. the same vlan.

Normally, I would think with an incomplete mac address, there would be a cabling or hardware issue. But this cannot be so, with other connections using the same physical cable & interface on the ASR

All other sub-interfaces on the same physical cable (Fibre) and interface are working fine.

Anyone have any ideas ?

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Re: HSRP - ASR / 7507 issue

Just one more thing to add that I have just noticed. When donig a "show standby gigabitethernet 0/0/3.400 "  at the top of the display is says "State is Init (virtual IP has invalid subnet)". But the subnet masks are correct.

The ASR code is "asr1000rp1-adventerprisek9."


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Re: HSRP - ASR / 7507 issue


You have posted 2 items about this same issue. I suggest that we consolidate any discussion into one or the other (bot not both) thread.



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Re: HSRP - ASR / 7507 issue

I am running into a similar issue. What was the resolution?

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