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HSRP confusion...!


I have a very wierd confusion!

Does it really required to have two routers of same IOS version/model/running-config for running them for HSRP? Why I'm asking this is : I have two offices which connect through a metro ethernet (each ofice has one 1841 router). Can I run HSRP for atomatic-failover? This would be auto-failover for ISP link-failure, not hardware failure i.e. if one link goes down the internet should work from other router's link. Kindly drop in your thoughts!



Re: HSRP confusion...!

Not really sure what you are asking here but no the equipment does not have to be same model , version or anything else to runn hsrp between them .

Re: HSRP confusion...!

Hi Gaurav,

HSRP has an interface tracking feature:

Example command for configuration:

standby 1 track serial0/0 20

This will track interface serial0/0 for up and up status. If it goes down, then the priority of the local active router will be decreased by 20.

You should configure the priorities of the router pair, so the standby router becomes higher priority when this happens.

You should also configure the standby router with the "preempt" option, so it can take over routing in case serial0/0 fails.

If you need, I can help you configure it in a detailed way.



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Re: HSRP confusion...!

Thanksk a lot Istvan,

What I was confused about was whether the hsrp routers has to be of same ios/running-conf/model no. etc. Let me try the conf part by myself now. I'll definitely come up to you in case I'm stuck somewhere.

Thanks again!


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