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hsrp or vrrp

Is there a preffered protocol for redundant default gateways? HSRP or VRRP?


Re: hsrp or vrrp

Hi Patrick,

You can use any of the above protocols for redundancy.

HSRP is a cisco propreitary protocol and has the ability to do interface tracking.By default the hello & holdtimers are 3 & 10s respectivley.

VRRP on the other hand is IEEE standard protocol. Default hello & holdtimers are 1 & 3s respectively

See the following link for HSRP & VRRP comparison

Link for configuring HSRP

Link for configuring VRRP

IF you are using cisco devices, it is advisable to go with HSRP.



Re: hsrp or vrrp

its all depend on your network infrastructure...

HSRP: you can run HSRP only between cisco devices, you can not configure HSRP with the other vendor and cisco devices because its cisco propritery...

VRRP: you can have VRRP between different vendor devices as its openstandared protocol.

now one more thing is VRRP can not able to track the link status of the ISP which is connected to the VRRP configure device... so in case if your active router is working properly but the link to the Internet connected with the active router goes down then your standby router will not take over the role of the active router... but when only active router will down then only standby router will take over the active role...

but when you will go for HSRP then in both the failure case your Standby router will take over the role for the active router...

so its much more better to have HSRP as redundacy protocol when you have your network deployed with the Cisco devices... but when you will have your both the edge router on which you are going to configure redundancy protocol are of differenet vendor then you will not have choice for HSRP then you must have to go for VRRP...

hope this will help you for selection

rate this post if it helps



Re: hsrp or vrrp


These protocols are in the category of first-hop redundancy protocols, see the following link:

So, if you are considering HSRP/VRRP you might want to also read up on GLBP which improves on HSRP to also give you load-balancing.



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