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HSRP Question

I would like to configure 2 Ethernet interfaces on the same router to be a part of the same HSRP group. I think this should not be an issue, but I have never configured HSRP before. Is this possible?

We currently are provided one CAT5 uplink to the Internet by our collocation provider. I would like to at least get one more by installing a Fast Ethernet HWIC and configure HSRP on 2 of the interfaces for that router. For right now this would provide enough redunancy that is required. Later one down the road, we can budget for a second router if that amount of redunancy is every required.

Our provider is running HSRP on their routers. I would like to run it on my end to at least provide 2 paths to our router in case a switch or interface on our end or their end dies.

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Re: HSRP Question

The problem you have is that you cannot configure 2 separate interfaces on the SAME router with addresses out of the same subnet so you won't be able to do this.

If you only have one router if you want more than one path you need to look at making them /30 P2P links so that the routing protocol sees 2 equal cost paths. But you would need to discuss this with your provider.

Alternatively as you say you would need another router.


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Re: HSRP Question

Thanks! I figured based on what I read that HSRP was not designed to do what I was hoping. I did not think about using a routing protocol with two /30 subnets. I will engage my ISP about what options I we can work out for this. Thank you again for your input.

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