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HSRP standby address experiencing 15-20% packet loss

Hello all,

am hoping someone can help/shed some light on the issue. We have two cat-6509 with MSFC interconnected via two switches (also 6509 but L2) running HSRP. There are 4 x 1gig links between the Routers and switches and between the switches themselves, in a U-shaped network, all trunked and bundled into port-channels. There are a number of Vlans running accross these links and all are ok. A new vlan has recently been created, and the standby address is seeing 15-20% packet loss. Pinging the physical addresses no packet loss is seen. Failed over the HSRP, and still packet loss is seen floating/standby IP.


Any suggestions? Let me know if you'd like to view some of the config in order to help.

We've checked physical status of all the interlinks and they are fine, and given that a number of other Vlans run accross same infra without any issues, this does not seem to be the problem.

Not had a chance to run debugging yet. However, I noticed the aging timers on both routers for the problematic vlan differ one is 300 the other 14400.

Any help, much appreciated.


check the arp table and see

check the arp table and see if you getting duplicate addresses for the virtual and see if you have more than 1 mac for the virtual address .

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