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HSRP StateTracking with IP SLA

Hi There, I am facing issue while tracking HSRP stats with IP SLA. I have two routers facing ISP. One router running BGP with ISP1 & another router running EIGRP with ISP2. routers are configured with multiple vlans with HSRP configuration on it. Basically router on a stick. Active HSRP router is BGP router. Standby is Eigrp Router. I want to track if my ISP1 goes down or somehow I lost the bgp peering or bgp routing is empty then HSRP state should fallback to standby & eigrp router should take role of Atcive HSRP router. Is it possible with IP SLA, if yes how ?

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Re: HSRP StateTracking with IP SLA

Yes, it's possible. Please refer to the documentation:

You can track the existence of a route on the routing table or ping the neighbor ISP router for reachability.

You can associate this track to the standby command and decrement the priority to a lesser value so the non-Active device take over.




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Re: HSRP StateTracking with IP SLA

Hi thanks for your reply. I tried reachability by pinging the ISP router IP with IP sla. but its checking the reachablitity thats fine but as soon as IP sla finds that ISP is reachable its is decrementing the HSRP priority vlaue & making BGP router as standby router but I want other way round, if ISP1 is not reachable then HSRP state should be change.

here is my configuration.

interface gi0/0.1

standby 1 track 1 decrement 10

description Management VLAN

encapsulation dot1Q 1

ip address

standby 1 ip

standby 1 preempt

standby 1 priority 105

standby 1 name mgmt

track 1 ip sla 1 reachability

ip sla 1

icmp-echo source-interface GigabitEthernet0/1

frequency 180

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Re: HSRP StateTracking with IP SLA

The priority should only decrement when the track is down. Verify the track status with the show track command.

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Re: HSRP StateTracking with IP SLA

I checked that it was down n decremented the value as expected but it decrements only when ISP1 IP is reachable. when ISP1 IP is unreachable it does not decrement the vlaue. what I want is when ISP1 is unreachable then Track should decrement the HSRP priority vlaue. How can i do that ? I can not see unreachability option in track command

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Re: HSRP StateTracking with IP SLA

We are not understanding each other.

The track is down when it should be up. When it's down, it decrements the HSRP priority. It's working as designed. You need to verify why the track is down when it should be up as the destination is reachable.

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