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HSRP to test a Switch Failing

Hello braintrust. This is a pretty cool one here.

I have been tasked by a Customer to test Dual Core switch Failover for some Web servers for a Data Center. These Web SErvers use an bonding driver which effectively lets you have two NIC cards that someone with the driver host a VIP.

I have had to create a Test Environment of sorts; they have a QA environment where there are some 3750 switches. These switches do have some VLAN's on them.

Do create a test scenario to test HSRP failover, what I did was turn on VTP between switches, then created a VLAN 4. On each of the switches that will receive a connection from the server (effectively call them switch 1 and switch 2), I have created an interface in VLAN 4. SW.1 has an IP of; the SW.2 has an IP of, then I have standby commands for HSRP using "standby ip".

My question is this: Should I have a preempt statement on each VLAN 4 interface on each switch, or does it only go on the primary sw vlan???



Re: HSRP to test a Switch Failing


Yes, it is better to give on both switches.....

It allows the router to become the active router when the priority

is higher than all other HSRP-configured routers in the hot standby group.

If you do not use the standby preempt command in the configuration

for a router, that router does not become the active router, even if

the priority is higher than all other routers.

Since in your case, there are only two routers you can give in only on primary so that it come alive even though the secondary is in active status.

Rate if it does,


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