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New Member

HSRP & VRFs on Sup1A-2GE

Whilst configuring VRFs on Sup1A-2GE cards, I have run into a small issue with HSRP.

Once the relevant VLAN is placed into the VRF instance, icmp can reach both real IPs but not the HSRP standby ip.

A check of the VRF arp table shows no entry for the virtual IP but it can be found in the standard ARP table.

I have attempted to configure the arp vrf entries but I get"Bad ARP command - Interface may only be specified when bridging IP" when using the Vlan statement at the end, as follows:

arp vrf ABC 0000.0c07.acdf ARPA Vlan 123

IOS allows me to enter arp vrf ABC 0000.0c07.acdf ARPA but this doesn't allow icmp to the virtual IP.

I am not having the same issue on the Sup720s we use and wonder if it is a limitation in the 12.1.8b(E14) IOS or perhaps the fact that ISLs are used instead of 802.1q between these switches.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: HSRP & VRFs on Sup1A-2GE

I think it should not be a problem with the trunking used i.e ISL instead of dot1q. It probably seems to be an older IOS running on the MSFC. Try uploading the newer IOS and see if that helps.

Whenever you enable HSRP on the interfaces the " IP redirects" gets disable. I have personally seen these kinds of problem in some of the networks. Try enabling" standby redirects " under the interface config and see if that helps. You might have to upgrade the IOS of the standby redirects support on the MSFC.

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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