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I have two questions that need clarification

First Question:

I have heard that you can also transfer files, and upgrade the IOS for a network device (a catalyst 3550 for my case)using a console cable. I know that there's the common tftp tranfer method, but I'd like to know how do I go about using a console cable instead? Is it possible?

Second Question:

Is there any possible IOS command or way/method that allows me to disable my Catalyst 4000 switches from rebooting to ROMMON and just letting it reboot normally to IOS? Also, why do swtiches/routers boot into ROMMON in the first place?

hoping for some clear and helpful answers! :) Thanks in advance guys!


Re: I have two questions that need clarification


for the first question: yes is possible, see that:

for the second question: the reboot scheme is platform dependent, but normally the ROMMON is the last resort (first of all, the boostrap code check the flash, then the presence of a mini-IOS, then an external tftp server, ...)

If your device boot first in ROMMON maybe you have to check your configuration register value. Please take a look:

In a normal condition, your configuration register must be 0x2102.



Cisco Employee

Re: I have two questions that need clarification

Hi Mark,

Your second question is a matter of concern. As you said your router boots in rommon is not at all normal. So lets take care of that first.

First thing check the image available in bootflash with command "dir bootflash:"

Then check if you any bootpath set or not. If not set the bootpath with command "boot system flash bootflash:"

Once bootpath is set check the config register value and make sure it should be 0x2102. You can check the config register value issuing a "sh version" command and to set to 0x2102 issue this command

switch(config)#config-register 0x2102

switch(config)#wr mem



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