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IGMP configuration (flooding, static group)

Hello all,

Looking to change my IGMP configuration as it is flooding numerous switches with unnecessary traffic and causing high CPU on switches that are connected to my 6500 cores.

The requirement is that all servers need to send/receive broadcast traffic between each other with IP address of  All servers are on the same VLAN with same L3 gateway which is configured on my 6500 core.  Below is current configuration of VLAN interface on 6500 core:

interface Vlan1

description VLAN 1 - Server VLAN

ip address

ip flow ingress

ip igmp snooping querier

The "ip igmp snooping querier" was added when the servers were physical and resided on separate 3750 switches that connected to the core.  May not have been ideal configuration, but it worked.

We have now migrated the servers to virtual and I need to remove the flooding that is occurring to all access switches and causing the high IGMP CPU process to be pegged.  My thought is that I need to configure an IGMP Static Group.  Looking for suggestions on what to configure?  How to configure? Where to configure?  Probably simple, however, I don't have a test environment to play with.  I could configure different options to try, but that will disrupt the production servers which are 24x7. please refer to attached diagram.



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