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IGMP issue

One of my customer has multicating issue on CPU usage like this.

If I reload the switch, it is OK for an hour or two. After that, the CPU usage comes back like this.

Please help me.

FBS271-(R)#show processes cpu

CPU utilization for five seconds: 99%/13%; one minute: 99%; five minutes: 99%

PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Process

30 88786968 51451904 1725 5.40% 4.90% 4.87% 0 VL2MM

56 882256484 57957009 15222 50.97% 49.76% 49.09% 0 IGMPSN

83 451269616 74040784 6094 22.41% 23.23% 23.42% 0 IGMP Input

Thank you in advance,


New Member

Re: IGMP issue

Which switch?

IGMPSN is the IGMP snooping process

Do you need it? It can be tunred off.

New Member

Re: IGMP issue

Erik Ofelt,

1. 3550

2. Yes I need it

3. If I turn it off, between the switch(Routing Function) and host(Multicast Client) have some communication isssue.

New Member

Re: IGMP issue

Good info. Production device I assume right?

What code on that box?

I'd check to see if the ios code has any bugs. From the info from your first post, it seems like buffers are filling up and not releasing.

Can you post a config too?

New Member

Re: IGMP issue

There is not much configuration on the switch.

Like eigrp for routing and ip pim sparse for multicating.

I configured multicasting several sites before, but with this ios and configuration, I did not meet this kind of problem.

For your info, this is the version.

FBS271-(R)#show version

Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software

IOS (tm) C3550 Software (C3550-I5Q3L2-M), Version 12.1(14)EA1a, RELEASE SOFTWARE


Copyright (c) 1986-2003 by cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Tue 02-Sep-03 04:08 by antonino

Image text-base: 0x00003000, data-base: 0x007E660C

ROM: Bootstrap program is C3550 boot loader

FBS271-(R) uptime is 36 minutes

System returned to ROM by power-on

System image file is "flash:/c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-14.EA1a.bin"

cisco WS-C3550-24 (PowerPC) processor (revision K0) with 65526K/8192K bytes of m


Processor board ID CAT0753R0JH

Last reset from warm-reset

Bridging software.

Running Layer2/3 Switching Image

Ethernet-controller 1 has 12 Fast Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interfaces

Ethernet-controller 2 has 12 Fast Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interfaces

Ethernet-controller 3 has 1 Gigabit Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interface

Ethernet-controller 4 has 1 Gigabit Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interface

24 FastEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)

2 Gigabit Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)

The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.

384K bytes of flash-simulated non-volatile configuration memory.

Base ethernet MAC Address: 00:0E:D7:99:B8:00

Motherboard assembly number: 73-5700-10

Power supply part number: 34-0966-03

Motherboard serial number: CAT080103KB

Power supply serial number: DTH07512H42

Model revision number: K0

Motherboard revision number: A0

Model number: WS-C3550-24-EMI

System serial number: CAT0753R0JH

Configuration register is 0x10F



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